Throttle Muscle!

Welcome to Throttle Muscle. Throttle Muscle is a joint collaboration between MDA and REV Your Cause, LLC.

Throttle Muscle gas and engine oil treatments are manufactured by one of the leading automotive chemical companies in the world. Since 1928, our partner has been manufacturing and distributing high quality automotive chemicals. Our rigorous quality control testing ensures consistency throughout our product line and dependability you can count on.

The cornerstone of the Throttle Muscle brand is our exclusive collaboration with the MDA. For every bottle of Throttle Muscle sold, a donation is made to the MDA on behalf of the purchaser. The best part about it is our high quality products are priced at or near our competition. This means buyers are not just paying more to make a donation.

Our Products

Fuel System Products

Throttle Muscle has three different fuel system cleaning products available. [more]

Engine Treatments

Throttle Muscle has both an Advanced Synthetic Engine Treatment and a High Mileage Engine Treatment. [more]

Muscle Blades

Muscle Blades consists of two lines of high quality windshield wiper blades: premium metal blades and elite beam blades. [more]

Other Car Care Products

Throttle Muscle has other great car care products like: VisiClean Windshield Washer Fluid and Monster Scrubber Hand Cleaner [more]

Current News

February 15, 2014

Throttle Muscle Engine Scrub Engine Flush Now Available!

Super Concentrated Engine Scrub Engine Flush packs 1 gallon of cleaning power into a 16 ounce bottle![Visit Page]

January 31, 2014

Throttle Muscle VisiClean Super Concentrated Windshield Washer Fluid is here!

Throttle Muscle VisiClean Super Concentrated Windshield Washer Fluid makes over 1,300 gallons of windshield washer fluid out of only one ounce![Visit Page]

November 20, 2013

REV Your Cause, LLC opens Phoenix office

REV Your Cause, LLC has opened offices in Phoenix, Arizona. This strategic location is close to MDA headquarters in Tuscon as well as Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. [Contact Us]

September 1, 2013

Throttle Muscle and Muscle Blades now featured in over 50 Jiffy Lube locations.

Throttle Muscle and Muscle Blades are now available in over 50 Jiffy Lube locations in California, Montana and Illinois. Contact us for more information.[Contact Us]

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