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Professional Distribution

Throttle Muscle products are available to installers through our network of professional distributors. Download a one sheet product cheat sheet. If you are interested in our products and utilize a distributor not in our network, call us direct or fill out our contact form.

If you are interested in a profitable relationship with a company that cares not only about you, but your customers, reach out to us today. We offer everything from free product samples, point of sale materials, training and much more. Our company was founded by operators that understand the business and look forward to sharing our experience with you.

S&E Lube Products

S&E Distributors carries the full line of Throttle Muscle and Muscle Blade products. The Mission of S&E is to provide a universally consistent customer experience, which is quick, convenient, reliable and error free. If you currently utilize S&E or if you are looking for a new distributor relationship, contact S&E today. Download Throttle Muscle and Muscle Blade catalogue Pages.

Service Champ

Service Champ carries the complete line of Throttle Muscle and Muscle Blade products. Service Champ offers nationwide delivery between 1 and 2 days. Service Champ was one of the first companies in the automotive aftermarket to focus on serving the quick lube industry. If you have an existing relationship with Service champ or are looking for a new partner, contact Service Champ today.

International Filters

International Filters is a wholesale company and has provided products to the quick lube industry since 1988. They provide everything one needs to run a store. International Filters caters primarily to those locations based in California and have a limited line of Throttle Muscle and Muscle Blade products. Contact International Filters today.

Value Added

Whether you want banners, posters or specialized menus, Throttle Musscle has several options for point of sale materials. Choose from some of our standard items or let us customize some to meet your needs.

Throttle Muscle has a complete training program to work with CSAs to present Throttle Muscle products and packages in a successful manner. Our training is completely customizable and teaches employees to present to customers products that meet their needs in non-pressure manner.

Throttle Muscle is proud of our realtionship with our national charity partner: the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Every product we sell automatically supports the MDA. However, we also can work with your charity partner or cause. Just contact us and ask us how.

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