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Why Do Cause Marketing

It's a fact - Cause Marketing Efforts Drive Customer Loyalty. A majority of customers will pay more for a service if they know it is benefiting a charitable cause!

REV Your Cause commissioned a survey in early 2012. The survey was deployed to over 100,000 consumers accross the US. The statistically significant results were rather surprising (in a good way!). More than 80% of respondents indicated they'd be more likely to use a service provider that supported a charitable cause than one that didn't. 64.6% of respondents indicated they'd pay MORE for a product or service that they knew was benefiting a charitable cause in some form or manner.

What this study proved to us is that there is value in cause marketing in driving both loyalty AND new trial. Not only that, but in most cases, customers are willing to pay MORE for a product or service that has some sort of contribution going to a charitable cause. At REV Your Cause, we give our company partners the best of both worlds. We provide a high quality, performance based product AND a tie-in to a well known charitable cause!

Other surprising results from our independent study are below:

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