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Engine Scrub Engine Flush by Throttle Muscle

The Best Engine Flush and Oil System Cleaner

The best engine flush and oil system cleaner; Throttle Muscle Engine Scrub Engine Flush comes in two sizes: One Gallon and a super concentrated small 16 oz bottle. With the same cleaning power of competitive 1 gallon products, 16 oz Engine Scrub helps save money and space.

A Throttle Muscle Engine Scrub can be used as both a minor and major engine flushing product. If a consumer is tight on money, simply adding one bottle of of the 16 oz Engine Scrub to the crankcase PRIOR to draining the engine oil and allowing the engine to run 5 minutes will do wonders to clean out the old grime and sludge. For a more complete service, drain the old oil, change the oil filter, add the one gallon Engine Scrub (add additional oil to reach a minimum of 75% of the crankcase fill capacity). Run the engine for 5 minutes and drain out the oil, change the oil filter and replace with new oil and a new oil filter. Throttle Muscle Engine Scrub:

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