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Muscle Gloves Black Nitrile Work Gloves

Throttle Muscle's red box premium black nitrile work gloves are high quality, superior strength and dependable disposable work gloves. Muscle Gloves are engineered to perform under the demands of industrial and mechanical workers!

Throttle Muscle Muscle Gloves are industrial duty, powder free work gloves designed for heavy duty mechanics and industrial workers. They are black in color and 9" in length. They are ambidextrous and have textured finger tips for extra gripping power! Each box contains 100 gloves by weight and they come in sizes small - extra large.

Muscle Gloves are made without natural rubber latex; this helps prevent allergic reactions. They are excellent for automotive repair, refinishing, general maintenance and industrial work. They offer superior puncture and tear resistance and are approximately 6 Mil. Throttle Muscle's Muscle Gloves:

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