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VisiClean Super Concentrate Windshield Washer Fluid

Throttle Muscle VisiClean is a super concentrated windshield washer fluid solution for the professional installer. A single 1 oz VisiClean bottle produces over 1,300 gallons of windshield washer fluid.

Not only is it crucial that motorists ensure their window wash fluid level is topped off, the choice and condition of the fluid is equally important. While some motorists feel that plain water is OK to use when there are no concerns of windshield icing, plain water is not effective at removing bugs and/or road grime. Selecting a fluid which is specially formulated to disolve and clear away bugs and road film is important.

VisiClean is a versatile formulation that combines a mix of special cleaning solvents designed to do the hard work of removing bugs and grime from the windshield. VisiClean is designed to be used by the automotive service center and dealerships. A single 1 oz bottle of VisiClean produces over 1,300 gallons (or 25 drums) of high quality windshield washer fluid! VisiClean:

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