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FX805 Advanced Synthetic Engine Treatment

Throttle Muscle FX805 Advanced Synthetic Engine Treatment is a concentrated formulation that treats 6 quarts of oil with one 16 Oz treatment. Throttle Muscle FX805 is specially formulated to enhance both full synthetic and conventional oil.

Many new cars are requiring the use of synthetic motor oil. Each day, more and more consumers are opting to utilize the benefits of synthetic oil as they intend to keep their vehicles longer. These two facts are the driving force behind Throttle Muscle FX805 Synthetic Engine Treatment. With synthetic oil changes costing nearly double the price of a conventional oil change, why would a consumer want to dilute their synthetic oil with a conventional based oil treatment?

FX805 is a versatile formulation that combines the special low-friction qualities of PTFE in a synthetic oil base to bond with metal surfaces and fill microscopic pores, substantially reducing engine wear. FX805 contains PTFE resins which attach to critical friction surfaces, especially cylinder walls and bearings. Our Synthetic Engine Treatment protects your engine during cold starts when even the best motor oils are not effective. It reduces engine wear and can be used in both diesel and gasoline engines. FX805:

Throttle Muscle FX805 Advanced Synthetic Engine Treatment is competitively priced and includes a $0.25 donation to the MDA for every bottle purchased.