Our Company

Throttle Muscle is a family-owned company founded in 2012. Our team is focused on providing high quality automotive chemicals and other products to professional installers. We were founded on the premise of giving back to charity and doing our part in the community.

We offer our partners much more than just high-quality products. We offer complimentary training, point of sales material, product samples and much more. We also offer a way to give back to charity without having to raise additional funds.

The Beginning

In early 2011, our team had the opportunity to meet several folks involved with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). We were at a convention in Chicago and were invited to join the MDA team for dinner. While some of us had already been touched by the MDA, others on our team were getting their first experience. Attending this dinner was Abbey Umali. Abbey was the National Goodwill Ambassador at the time and an absolute treasure of a human being!

During dinner, Abbey and her parents made the most positive impact on our team. She made us all smile. She made us all laugh. She made us all cry. It was at that dinner that our team unanimously knew it was our mission to get involved with MDA at a different level. It is now our mission to do anything and everything we possibly can to give to the MDA just a small piece of what Abbey has already given us.

Throttle Muscle is honored to be given the opportunity to make a difference! We hope you will join our program and help the lives of those served by the MDA.

Our Team

Ellie Pentland, Partner

Ellie Pentland came to the automotive aftermarket in June of 2000 and joined Throttle Muscle on April 1, 2022. She loves people, and building relationships is her favorite part of life! Her specialties are training, problem solving, hugging, and talking (just ask anyone who knows her)! Ellie is a faith first kinda girl! Fun facts – she is known as a “stalker for life” in this industry, loves to do singing telegrams and write silly poems for people.
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Cody Mead, Partner

Cody Mead has been in the automotive aftermarket for almost 25 years and is one of the founding members of Throttle Muscle. He knows this environment from top to bottom and is one of the hardest workers and nicest guys you’ll ever meet. (No, he didn’t write this! lol!) Fun fact – he started his own business in his brother’s attic which is how he came to be here today!
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Ashley Konwerski, Partner

Ashley Konwerski came to Throttle Muscle April 1, 2022. With almost 10 years of experience in the Quick Lube sector, she brought with her a diverse and cool skill set! In addition to being our social media queen, Ashley can do almost every job in a Lube shop as well as train teams for success. She is fun and fearless and tackles things with great passion! Fun facts – she can play several instruments, conduct an orchestra, run a marathon, and has even completed a full Ironman 💪!
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