Cody Mead

Cody is one of the founding members of Throttle Muscle. Cody has worked in the automotive service and aftermarket business for over 22 years. He started his own business in the attic of his Brother’s office and has grown it into what we see today!

Ellie Pentland

Ellie is a well known customer care specialist that has worked in this business category for over 20 years. She is one of Throttle Muscle’s newest owners, but she has been a family member since she introduced herself as a member of Heartland products!

Ashley Konwerski

When Ashley joined the Throttle Muscle ownership team, the other owners all jokingly (and happily) said “Ashley is going to be our bosses soon”. We are all pleased that Ashley is part of the family!

The Rest of The Team!

Throttle Muscle’s other owners consiste of our financial whiz: Michelle May, original founders: Veronica Apodaca and Tara Diaz and customer/pain in the rest of the team’s butt: Sean Porcher.