TM5225: Throttle Power Pro 2 Step Fuel System Cleaner

Part # TM5225: 6 kits per case/ 12 oz, 6 oz

  • Thoroughly cleans fuel injectors, intake valve, PCV valve, fuel lines, fuel pump, and combustion chamber
  • Helps restore horsepower, engine performance, and gas mileage
  • Safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters in most domestic and import gasoline engines
  • It is designed to help reduce emissions by reducing hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions
  • Power Pro also has PEA, (polyetheramine), to help effectively remove carbon deposits
  • Not for use on diesel engines, rotary engines, Chrysler 2.0 or 2.4-liter engines or BMW’s with ZF4HP22 transmissions
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FUEL Cleaners_Product Information Sheet

TM5225 SDS

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Case Quantity

6 kits – shrink-wrapped


This product has 2 steps as follows:
Perform the service outside to free up a bay. In case of inclement weather make sure you have proper ventilation.
With the vehicle turned off, pour the 6-oz. bottle of fuel system cleaner into the gas tank. For best results recommend filling up the tank after the guest leaves your shop. A full tank gives the cleaner more contact time with the deposits. Should not be done on less than ¼ tank of gas.
Make sure the vehicle is at operating temperature. This is critical for the intake cleaner portion.
Check the fluid valve on your delivery canister and make sure it is closed. Take the top off and pour the contents of the Intake System Cleaner into the canister and replace the top.
Lift the hood and hang the canister from it. Locate a positive vacuum line. We strongly recommend the PCV valve and do not recommend the brake booster. You want to choose a source as close as possible to the throttle plate.
With the vehicle turned off, connect the applicator hose to the vacuum line. Start the vehicle and slowly open the fluid valve on the applicator. Pay close attention to how the vehicle responds to the introduction of the cleaner so that you don’t deliver it too quickly.
For the best results, this service should take 10-15 minutes. Do not exceed 2000 rpm’s and do not rev or race the engine. We never recommend running this faster than 10 minutes because you will cheat your customer out of the best possible outcome by not allowing enough contact time with the deposits.
If the vehicle stalls do NOT immediately start it as fluid could pool on the pistons at the time of the stall. Wait for 5 minutes and then restart and finish the service.
When the applicator is empty close the fluid valve and disconnect the hose from the vacuum source. Reconnect all caps and hoses securely.
*This service is not recommended for rotary, diesel, hybrid vehicles or Dodge Neons.