TM7326: Engine Scrub: Gallon Engine Flush

Part # TM7326: 4 per case/ 1 Gallon

    • Dirt, acids, heat, fuel, water due to condensation, and other factors cause sludge to form in an engine. This makes oil work harder to protect an engine properly and often results in low oil levels. Combined with today’s extended drain intervals this makes vehicle maintenance more critical than ever. 
    • Throttle Muscle’s engine flush service safely dissolves soft sludge to prepare the engine for new oil and only takes 10 minutes.  
    • Engine Scrub contains nonabrasive degreasers that are oil based.   
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Engine Scrub Product Information Sheet Sheet

TM7326 SDS

Additional information


1 Gallon

Case Quantity



Drain old oil
Replace oil filter
Add Engine Scrub to crankcase
Run engine for 5-10 minutes
Proceed with oil change service to include filter change