TM3554: Synthetic Engine Armor with PTFE

Part # TM3554: 12 per case/ 16oz

  • Motor oil is designed to lubricate the metal surfaces in an engine so all the parts can move freely- reducing metal on metal wear caused by friction. Unfortunately, during start up, the oil is typically all in the pan, not in the engine. This increases heat and friction, resulting in more wear and lost mileage. 
  • Our unique, 2-in-1 formula is one of a kind and combines the benefits of an oil stabilizer that quiets noisy engines, stops smoking, reduces volatility burn-off and increases compression PLUS the protective, sacrificial barrier to prevent metal wear at start up and over miles of punishing driving.
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TM3554 SDS

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16 oz

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Add to crankcase with new oil, Do not overfill